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Seen on the bus the vending machine

Jan 19, 2019

Believe in the vending machine is a lot of people on the bus is not seen, "walter airbus at the bus group, there was a bus - behind the driver's side will put a vending machine, the vending machine is a shape is a rectangle, is more than 1 m high, around 60 cm wide, about 40 cm in thickness, such a machine is only accounts for the position of a bus seat, the front of the vending machine has a 27 inch screen, is this screen appears on the vending machine is very tall," this is the bus intelligent drink vending machine, "according to the relevant staff said," on the bus to install this type of vending machines, in domestic is also very rare, now this vending machine is only trial, put these vending machines in the future will be to the other on the bus.
This vending machine can place a variety of goods, payment is also very diverse, can support WeChat, pay treasure, use public transportation card, of course, is also possible. And buy the way is very simple, all the staff present paper introduces the using method of the vending machine, and the scene illustrates the operating process, just click on the screen to drink, if is the use of public transportation card to pay, it only takes 0.55 seconds can complete the payment, and then shows the balance, beverage shipment will also appear in the mouth. , of course, if you don't want to use public transportation card to pay, also can use pay treasure to micro letter for payment, the whole process is about the same, drinks will be within a few seconds to the port of shipment,
This smart vending machine also won't affect the operation of bus, use voltage and low voltage, occupy the position of the position is only one seat, you don't have to worry about this problem.
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